The Benefits Of Reclaimed Wood Furniture
Toxin Free + Low to Zero VOC

Making a difference in the environment

Reclaimed wood has many advantages. The grain of the timber has tight growth rings that show the superior density of the wood. The natural patina and color of the old-growth timber are preserved in the manufacturing process. A look and feel that cannot be replicated in new wood. 

Scientists estimate that we are losing more than 137 species of plants and animals every single day because of rainforest deforestation. Logging tropical hardwoods like teak, mahogany, rosewood, and other timber for furniture and other wood products is clearly unsustainable for any length of time.

Toxin-free + low to zero VOC 

Buying Reclaimed wood furniture comes with great wellness benefits. Eliminating the toxins and Volatile Organic Compounds from your everyday environment will lower your risks of short and long-term adverse health issues. 

Reclaimed wood furniture

A natural patina and color

Beautifully crafted pieces of reclaimed furniture come with finishes that cannot be replicated in new wood.

Crafted pieces of reclaimed furniture

Helping the world's forests

The use of reclaimed wood allows factories and manufacturers to reduce deforestation.

Use of reclaimed wood

Every piece a conversation

With history come the most interesting sustainable stories.

Reclaimed by conscious minds, designed by ingenious and talented people, enjoyed in your space!


There are many resources for you to buy reclaimed wood furniture. Our top favorites are Crate and Barrel, and West Elm.

The pieces shown in our blog are available through amazing Trade Partners: Urbanwood, Blaxsand, Clubcu, as well as Phillips Collection.

Johanne Morin Design LLC
22 May, 2020
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